that crazy one known as val (white_reveries) wrote,
that crazy one known as val

( oh uraboku... )

Yeee, I finished scanlating my omake. I have learned from this small project that translation is a hard hard business, and I greatly worship/respect all those hard-working translators out there who convert text from one language to another. *had the hardest time trying to pick the words that fit best*

My translations are pretty sucky, but the point was to make it understandable for me so I didn't have to go flipping through the dictionary every time I wanted to read it. Even though it's only 8 pages, it made me wibble inside. Bawww Sodom, bawwww Luka.

I can't help but laugh at the anime, but somehow the manga always manages to make me cry inwardly. Oh Uraboku.
Tags: series: uraboku
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