that crazy one known as val (white_reveries) wrote,
that crazy one known as val

( what is this i don't even )

.....Wait, Luka, what the hell do you mean it's enough to love a person only once? WHAT THE HELL? I really hope I'm losing something in translation here, because if that's what you really said, I just...don't even know what to say.


Is it because you're all angsty, Luka? Is it because something really tragic happened to break you and Yuki up the last time and now you don't want to go through it again? I mean, female Yuki did say she wanted to forget you in the next life, which....if I were you, I'd be pretty heartbroken.

Odagiri-sensei, please explain this in the next few chapters. PLEASE HURRY UP WITH THE NEXT FEW CHAPTERS.

On a different note, the Ouran special will be out in the next two weeks. /proceeds to keysmash
Tags: @_@, series: uraboku, wtf lukaaaaaa
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