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( it's that time of year again.... )

....where I slave over christmas/holiday cards! Normally I hate any mention of Christmas/the holidays until about December 20, but....I can't exactly start working on cards that late. |D;; SO. If you want a card from me, comment here! Doesn't matter if I've known you for years or days, doesn't matter if you live in the US or outside the US. If you want a card, I will mail you one. I also owe a few of you gifts, so you'll be getting those along with the card.

Do note that I traditionally decorate and draw all over the envelope, so if that's going to be an issue, please do let me know! I'll decorate the inside of your card instead.

Comments are screened and this post is open to the public, in case you want to direct people here that you think would be interested in a card from me. IF YOU'RE CRAZY AND WANT TO SEND ME A CARD BACK just make note of that and I'll get you my address.

liam is a spaz

( 30 day pandora hearts meme - day o1 )

Hoooooooo boy, it has been far too long since I've updated this thing. Not that I ever really used it much, haha, but then there was the mass migration to plurk and I forgot LJ existed. Except for RP games and such. And the PH comm.

Not sure if I'll make a full comeback or not, but I'm hoping to at least try. That being said, I am going to slooooooowly crawl back into the LJ world by doing a fandom meme! Because it seems harmless and easy.

Says the person who never finishes these memes.


Anyway, this one's yoinked from here but I think it's pretty much the same format as most of the fandom memes that float around.

Day 01 - Why do you like Pandora Hearts?
Because the characters are pretty. /shot

Okay, fine, there are other reasons, but I openly admit to being exceedingly shallow when it comes to manga, and even moreso when it comes to anime. If it ain't pretty, I ain't reading/watching it. Which is kind of sad, because there is so much good media out there that isn't pretty but...I'm just really slow in getting to it.

ANYWAY apart from being pretty, I guess I'm a huge sucker for tragic backstories, and it seems like every character in PH has some kind of shitty backstory (even Oscar). I know it's kind of clique but I end up getting really attached to characters with miserable backstories and then I flip the hell out whenever the mangaka does something even worse to them. Which apparently Mochizuki Jun loves to do. ~_~ Also part of the reason why I like it - I am apparently a masochist and love torturing myself by reading this silly series with it's ridiculous plot twists. Me and the rest of PH fandom, it seems.

So....yeah. :|b

( what is this i don't even )

.....Wait, Luka, what the hell do you mean it's enough to love a person only once? WHAT THE HELL? I really hope I'm losing something in translation here, because if that's what you really said, I just...don't even know what to say.


Is it because you're all angsty, Luka? Is it because something really tragic happened to break you and Yuki up the last time and now you don't want to go through it again? I mean, female Yuki did say she wanted to forget you in the next life, which....if I were you, I'd be pretty heartbroken.

Odagiri-sensei, please explain this in the next few chapters. PLEASE HURRY UP WITH THE NEXT FEW CHAPTERS.

On a different note, the Ouran special will be out in the next two weeks. /proceeds to keysmash

( luka, you pedophile )

So I finally bothered to sit down and read the Uraboku character blurbs on Wiki. Somehow, it never hit me that Yuki was a high school freshman until I read it on Wiki. Which made me remember that high school freshman are....14.



I feel like this is really wrong. We have a 1000+ year old demon hitting on a 14 year old. Sob. Said demon also looks like he's 21.

asdf;lajgsdkf WHAT. Yuki doesn't look 14. At all. More like 16-17. WHY HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN?! I mean, okay, this is like his x'th incarnation of himself but....14?

If nothing else, I will be using LJ to rant about Uraboku in the next few months.

ETA: OKAY NVM HE'S 15. Which is better....but still kinda creepy.

ETA2: ....I really need an Uraboku icon.

( oh uraboku... )

Yeee, I finished scanlating my omake. I have learned from this small project that translation is a hard hard business, and I greatly worship/respect all those hard-working translators out there who convert text from one language to another. *had the hardest time trying to pick the words that fit best*

My translations are pretty sucky, but the point was to make it understandable for me so I didn't have to go flipping through the dictionary every time I wanted to read it. Even though it's only 8 pages, it made me wibble inside. Bawww Sodom, bawwww Luka.

I can't help but laugh at the anime, but somehow the manga always manages to make me cry inwardly. Oh Uraboku.